What do I get back each month/quarter/year?



When presenting your accounts to you I will make them relevant and useful to you and your business, by discussing your needs on a regular basis so your information matches your current needs.  If lines of figures seem unreadable to you I am happy to provide the outline and key elements of your accounts in graphs, in written format or verbally.  While numbers are unavoidable, I will not produce reports that make no sense to you or you will never look at.  We will discuss reports and make them useful and relevant on a regular basis, so your accounts have meaning to you.  Of course, if you just want some end figures, for VAT or self-assessment then I will provide just these for you.

I will also provide you with regular software backups, in an agreed format so you have the security of knowing your records are safe and can access reports whenever you need to.

 Please contact me if you have any questions