Accounts to manage your business

Management Accounts can sound confusing and only relevant to a big business but some are extremely important to every size of business. For example credit control and cash flow.  Management accounts provide the information you need to run your business at the time you need them.  Banks, investors and stakeholders may request Management Accounts so they can understand the performance of your business.

Management Accounts need to be relevant and accurate.  We will discuss your business and your requirements so the accounts I produce are relevant to you and your business.  Even if the accounting software you use doesn’t produce the information you require I can export your data to Excel and analyse the data into the format you want.

Providing the data is available reports produced on a monthly, quarterly or annual Basis may include:

  • Detailed profit and loss statements
  • Comparisons with previous years
  • Analysis of expenses and sales
  • Analysis of costs for individual jobs
  • Cash flow forecasts

Or to answer your questions, for example:

  • Which job created the greatest profit?
  • Does the time of year affect my sales?
  • What is my biggest expense?

 Reports can be in a format relevant to you, the usual tables of figures, an email with the relevant headlines, graphs, or a mixture of all these.